The Woman  Angler and Adventurer pulls off a huge underdog win in the 2020 Outdoor Media Summit Awards. Barb Carey and Angie Scott, hosts of the popular podcast, The Woman Angler and Adventurer, recently won the People’s Choice Podcast of 2019. With well over 100 episodes already released, 2019 was a banner year as the podcast also swept all three of the 2019 AGLOW (Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers) Podcast categories, winning first place in Hunting, Fishing and Open categories. In addition, the show won two awards from the Tennessee Outdoor Writers Association Excellence in Craft awards. It was also the #1 downloaded podcast on the Waypoint TV app in 2019! 

The outdoor industry has been changing faster than a speeding bullet and much of the energy behind the movement is social media and women.  A clear example is the popular media summit, ( where  podcasters, vloggers, social influencers, photographers, videographers, and some print editors gather for a conference. 

The recent People’s Choice contest they held on Facebook was full of entries from female content creators. The Woman Angler and Adventurer Podcast was competing against 100 other podcasts and it came down to the wire between them and the popular Girl Camper Podcast. Girl Camper has over 12K likes on Facebook compared to 2.4K for the Woman Angler and Adventurer which shows the power of the micro influencer.  The podcast encompasses a wide geographical area and features both fresh and saltwater content. It features a new podcast episode every Tuesday, a popular 5 minute Friday video, and a weekly newsletter. 

Other factors that became evident was the support anglers give each other, both male and female. The 2020 tag line of the National Professional Anglers Association ( NPAA) , “Driven by Passion”, extends far beyond the “Pros” and carries over into everyday anglers that share a passion for the sport. There is a feeling of community between those that share the love of fishing and the outdoors experience, and it is stronger than ever.  

Other winners from the People’s Choice awards were: 

For People’s Choice Outdoor Vlog of 2019, Cody Townsend & The Fifty Project (@the.fifty.project)

For People’s Choice Social Handle, we have Women Anglers of Minnesota (@womenanglersofminnesota)

 (Another Women’s fishing club places second, @wiwomenfish)

For People’s Choice Outdoor Publication, Out There Colorado (Outhere Colorado)

The podcast can be listened to and downloaded directly from the website (  as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms; such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, IHeart Radio and Spotify. The show is among the 1st to be featured on Pandora’s new podcast platform, currently only available via the Pandora app.