Rivers + Jigs = Spring Walleyes. Always has been. Always will be. And no tackle manufacturer is better poised to satisfy your jig needs than Northland Fishing Tackle. The largest jig manufacturer in North America, Northland offers dozens of styles suited for multispecies applications, with a distinct emphasis on walleyes.

In this highly informative episode, Northland’s Nick Lindner joins Target Walleye’s Brett McComas to fish the U.S. and Canada’s storied border water, the Rainy River.

The boys throw a myriad of jig styles, with success across the board, but a particularly productive model is Northland’s Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig. The innovative jig sports a keeled “DEEP-VEE” design that’s thick on top and thin on bottom to track straight and fall fast. The Deep-Vee Bucktail Jig also features holographic, 3D eyes that exude “match-the-hatch” realism. Dressed with bucktail on the pack end, this jig can be fished by itself or with your favorite type of live bait or plastics.