Cannon®, the leader in controlled-depth fishing, announced its biggest advancement in connected trolling technology with its Optimum Downrigger at ICAST 2019. The product is now available for retail sale, giving anglers access to critical trolling data and allowing them to raise, lower and cycle weights using a full-color LCD display, Humminbird® fish finder or their mobile device.

Designed to bring the One-Boat Network to life in trolling applications, the Cannon Optimum fully integrates and shares data with Humminbird fish finders, Fish Hawk electronics, a new mobile app and other Optimum downriggers wirelessly.

“This innovation has been years in the making, so to see it shipping to our retailers and being rigged on boats for the 2020 season is special to everyone who has worked hard to bring this to market,” said Brad Henry, Cannon brand manager. “As anglers begin to realize the full capabilities of the Optimum offering, it will change the way people fish, making trolling easier, more efficient, productive and ultimately more fun.”

The smart, connected downrigger enables anglers to make accurate presentations at exact depths. Its full-color 3.5-inch display makes reading and managing downriggers and data simple. Whether on wirelessly connected Humminbird units, on the downrigger itself or through the Cannon mobile app, anglers can raise, lower and set trolling depths for the downrigger weights through the easy-to-use menu. In addition, the user will be able to read surface temperature, as well as the true depth, temperature and speed at the Fish Hawk probe. This information is critical for an angler to precisely present baits.

Optimum’s smart downrigger system also gives anglers access to:

  • The ability to network up to four other Optimum Downriggers wirelessly
  • 250 feet-per-minute retrieval speed
  • Waterline zero feature to keep weight a set distance below the surface of the water
  • Soft Stop feature to virtually eliminate sudden stops
  • Depth Cycling to give bait a more natural swimming motion
  • Bottom Tracking feature to keep lines and lures a set distance from the bottom for improved accuracy

Cannon is offering anglers $100 back on their purchase when they order the Optimum now through June 30th, 2020. For more information or to shop now visit