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Brunswick Corp Parent to Mercury Marine Rising



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Brunswick Corporation parent company to Mercury Marine, Crestliner, Lund Lowe and a number of other marine brands, has seen a strong couple months with it’s stock performance. Boat sales have been strong in 2019 and continue this Fall as Brunswick announced record sales at the recently completed Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show. Many anglers running the new Mercury Four Stroke motors this year have been very impressed with the reliability and performance.


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Easily Identify Your Line Size

Tired of trying to remember what size line you put on a particular rod and reel combination? Sunline rod bandsare a simple solution to solving that issue. More convenient and weather proof than stickers, the bands simply slip over your rod handle to easily help you keep track of your line sizes. Available in 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb, 16lb, 20lb here.



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Are You Spooling Your Braid Correctly?



Are you spooling your braid correctly? Dean Rojas recently gave us a few tips to help you get the most out of your braided line. “First you want to make sure you are using backing 100% of the time. I pick a backing that is similar to the diameter of the braid I will be spooling up with. Typically I am only using 15 feet or so of backing, but that makes all the difference in the world. It prevents the braid from digging into the spool and slipping.” said Rojas. Using more braid than you think you need to is also a big part of the equation Rojas insists. “When you first spool the braid on it will be what I like to call ‘fluffy’. Once it gets wet it will lay down and become more compact, so you always want to spool a little more than you think you will need,: Rojas concluded.



5. Baits Not Being Talked About



Designed in collaboration between Spro and BPT angler Shin Fukae, the Spro Wameku Shad 70 has been fine tuned with a unique acoustic profile that sets it apart from all other lipless crankbaits. Coming from the Japanese word “Wameku,” which means “loud talking and noise,” the aptly named Spro Wameku Shad 70 features a distinct, high-pitch knocking sound that is unlike anything bass have ever heard.In addition to its defined auditory presence, the Spro Wamkeu Shad 70 also features two line ties, allowing anglers to utilize two distinctly different, yet equally effective presentations. The forward line tie provides an attitude that excels in shallow water, while the rear line tie provides a more subtle action that allows the bait to get down in the water column.




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Jimmy Houston YouTube


Jimmy Houston has been a fixture on the national tournament scene and television for decades. Since his retirement from the FLW Tour Jimmy has been concentrating more on his YouTube channel, uploading a variety of different content regularly. On a recent trip to educate his viewers on some of his favorite fall fishing techniques Jimmy hooks into a massive Flathead Catfish. Check out the video here.



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World Wide Watson

James “WorldWide” Watson is a large personality on the Bass Pro Tour and brings a wide range of sponsors including Ranger, Mercury, Russell Marine Products, Luck E Strike and Bass Pro Shops to name just a few.

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Located in Bessemer, AL Simmons Sporting Goods has been serving their customers since 1945. Offering a complete lineup of products for fishermen of any skill level, Simmons has everything you need for a great day on the water. With customer service that is second to none, Simmons is definitely a place any angler needs to check out.


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Adding Color To Your Baits

Adding dye to soft plastics is an often overlooked modification that can make all the difference in getting bites. Companies like JJ’s Magic, Spike It, and Dyeing2Fish offer various colors of dye to help you modify your soft plastics to match the conditions you are fishing in, or the color of certain forage. Offered in standard bottles for dipping, or in dye marker pens it has never been easier to change or add color to your baits. Some professional anglers like Brandon Palanuik even use Sharpie markers to color their crankbaits. During the Elite Series event at the St. Lawrence River this season Steve Kennedy was using a combination of dye pens and Sharpie markers to color his glide bait during competition to match the color of perch that he was seeing on the water. Check out this comprehensive article penned by veteran outdoor writer David A Brown on some of the other color modifications anglers make to their baits.