USAngling Appoints Michael Brand to Lead Youth Committee

USAngling Youth Team
USAngling has appointed Michael R. Brand as the USAngling Youth Committee Chair. USAngling is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides leadership for USA’s National Fishing Teams.
As Youth Committee Chair, Mr. Brand will lead a team of dedicated volunteers to introduce the American public to World Championship Angling and invite them to pursue the exhilarating honor of representing our United States in the spirit of the Olympic ideal and competing on the world stage.

This committee will be responsible for recruiting youth anglers who aspire to become medalists, training youth on advanced fishing methods, and supporting competitive anglers as they compete. USAngling invests in youth in our community by offering an Angler Education Program that nurtures the budding angler through various development stages. The youth program will provide progression through a pipeline by integrating curriculum across age groups, developing anglers, conservationists, and leaders with hands-on experience. The Youth Committee will also be recruiting and training USAngling coaches/mentors to help support USAngling’s youth angling goals.

Mr. Brand will build upon prior team success and hopes to expand youth programs to the other USAngling teams: USA Bass, USA Kayak Fishing, USA Predator Fishing, USA Carp Team, USA Ice Fishing, US Fly Fishing Teams, and USA Match Fishing Team.

Michael is committed to helping these teams continue their quest and fish for gold. Mr. Brand aspires to share his love of fishing with youth throughout the United States and the world. Through USAngling, he will help youth gain access to the world’s best fishing methods, leading-edge fishing technology, and strategies to catch fish. He brings 45 years of experience as a volunteer with Boy Scouts of America and a lifetime love of fishing to the USAngling team. “As wefish for gold and fulfill the dreams of aspiring medalists, I believe we can teach someone to catch a fish and ‘hook’ them for a lifetime,” added Mr. Brand. “I grew up fishing with my family. That love of the outdoors and the sport of fishing has blossomed throughout my life into a passion for teaching fishing to youth and teaching others to provide angling education programs,” he continued. “My love for Conservation is another area in which I hope to spread the word to our youth. In this age of ‘going green,’ children are fully aware of saving our planet. Conservation of resources is critical. Managing resources for tomorrow is critical today. Teaching youth an appreciation and respect for conservation will guarantee a brighter tomorrow for us all.”

Additional Information on Michael R. Brand:

Michael Brand brings a tackle box filled with experience. He is an Eagle Scout, Class of 1976. Within the Boy Scouts of America, he received the Vigil Honor awarded the Order of the Arrow, became a BSA Certified Angling Instructor in 2013, and received a myriad of distinctions from his work with the BSA National Fishing Sub-Committee throughout his tenure. The Greater St. Louis Area Council has recognized his dedicated service to youth and program and has awarded him the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver Award. Mr. Brand is also a BSA William T. Hornaday Gold Badge recipient for his distinguished conservation service. Mr. Brand is also a recipient of the Steve Campbell Outstanding Aquatic Educator Award presented by the Aquatic Resources Education Association in 2016.

Michael Brand is a proud member of Fly Fishers International; FFI provides enhanced opportunities to learn about fly fishing, sustain a commitment to conservation, and offer a sense of community. He is also a member of the National Professional Anglers Association; NPAA is composed of anglers of all abilities passionate about fishing. Finally, Mr. Brand is a member of the Aquatic Resources Education Association. AREA is dedicated to furthering aquatic resource education. It is committed to sound educational practices, stewardship, and responsible use of marine resources, fisheries, and habitats to enhance current and future generations’ quality of life.

You can contact Mr. Brand at:

Additional Information on USAngling:

USAngling is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides leadership for USAngling Fishing Teams to compete worldwide, sharing their love of competitive angling by engaging America’s youth, supporting conservation actions, and empowering community angling groups. USAngling is proud to be America’s home for World Championship and Pan American angling.

USAngling is the sole U.S. representative to the Confederation International de la Peche Sportive (CIPS), the world sport fishing governing body as recognized by SportAccord. CIPS has 115 member nations representing over 50 Million competitive anglers. It is made up of three divisions: Freshwater, Fly, and Saltwater Fishing.  These divisions are further broken down into various teams. USAngling has the privilege of representing all of these United States fishing teams. At present, there are a total of 13 Freshwater sports, 4 Fly Fishing sports, 17 Saltwater sports, and 1 Casting sport.

USAngling’s missioncenters around three principles:
Competition: Develop teams to compete in amateur world championship sport fishing events. Host world championship, national championship, and national team qualification sport fishing events.
Conservation: Promote environmental stewardship, catch & release angling, responsible harvest initiatives, and natural resource management.
Community: Enrich local communities economically and socially by conducting fishing events, educating local fishing clubs, and executing regional outdoor initiatives.

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