Driftmaster Rod Holders are known for their strength and durability. That common knowledge makes them the choice of many trophy catfish hunters. They are based on years of angler testing on the water and continued improvements in the shop.

With models available for all different fishing situations, Driftmaster products enjoy a reputation of excellence in quality, dependability, and service. Driftmaster Rod Holders are designed with longevity and durability in mind.

“We design our products to last a long time,” says Driftmaster owner David Baynard. “They are designed to be used by a good size man on a rough day. You never know what he might grab during the trip. We don’t want anything breaking because it is not strong enough.”

The most popular item for catfish anglers in the Driftmaster line is the two-position DUO rod holder. Named DUO because of its versatile two-position design. Anglers can place a rod in either of two positions and there are no moving parts or adjustments needed.

The trending design is made from 3/8 diameter steel with a stainless steel stem. The holder is covered with a tough rubber coating to protect the rods as they are inserted and removed. These rod holders are big and tough enough to handle the hard hits from big fish as well as mishaps from the fisherman, yet their compact design does not get in the way.

Two different versions are available. The #255-H DUO has built-in angles of 0 and 30 degrees. They are generally used for anchor fishing and/or suspend fishing. The #455-H Troller version has angles of 20 and 50 degrees to give drifting and dragging anglers a choice of presentations.

Both models are available with standard 4-inch stems or 10-inch stems for added height and right and left-hand models. They are secured in place with a serrated flange nut rather than a hex nut for better holding power but they are easily removed from the boat when not in use.

Driftmaster Rod Holders are designed to hold the rod and reel upright without the problem of the rods rolling over. The best feature is how easy it is to release the rod. When the angler grabs the rod and pulls up, the hook is set, the rod is released, and the fight is on.

Professional angler and B’n’M Poles pro-staffer Joey Pounders is a big fan of Driftmaster Rod Holders and has been for years.

“David Baynard has supported our sport for years,” noted Pounders. “I think it is 20 years or more. And his customer service is top-notch. When you call Driftmaster, David is usually the one that answers and he assists you personally.”

“I also like the variety of products that he offers,” continued Pounders. “He has rod holders, rod bars, T-bars, and other options. He has a setup for any boat so it’s a one-stop-shop. Just tell him how you fish and he will match you up with the right product.”

“My rod holder of choice is the 0/30 dual-position rod holder,” concluded Pounders. The #255-H DUO allows me to anchor fish out of the 30-degree angle or suspend fish out of the 0-degree angle. And it is all built into one device so I don’t have to make any adjustments.”

Driftmaster products are American Made in South Carolina and carry a LIFETIME warranty against breaking!

“If any of our products ever break just send it to us and get a new one,” says Baynard. “We do not require a receipt or proof of purchase. We know that it’s ours and if it breaks, we are going to stand behind it.”

For information on Driftmaster and Black River Tools visit the Driftmaster website or call 803-473-4927 for person-to-person access.