With the Minnesota Fishing Opener nearing, now is the time to purchase a Walleye Stamp, or two, in support of sustaining and enhancing walleye fishing in Minnesota.

The $5 Walleye Stamp is not required to fish for, or harvest walleyes in Minnesota. However, it raises funding to supplement the state’s walleye stocking efforts – and that is especially important this year.

On April 14th, 2020, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced the cancellation of its 2020 egg taking operations for walleye and other species due to COVID-19 and established social distancing guidelines. The result: fish stocking efforts in the state will be greatly reduced this year.

Stocking helps the state maintain fish populations, especially with species like walleyes that are frequently harvested, and considered the best tasting freshwater fish by many…

The DNR dedicates monies raised through Walleye Stamp sales to purchase juvenile walleyes from private fish farms for stocking in state waters. Again, with the state’s cessation of egg-taking operations this year, purchasing fish from private reserves is the only option for stocking walleyes in 2020.

Last year, Walleye Stamp sales raised $90,000; a number which could be substantially higher with more angler participation. The DNR invested an additional $800,000 of your tax dollars to purchase private stock to supplement their efforts.

“Purchasing a Walleye Stamp this year will help maintain walleye numbers in high priority lakes at a time when that help is needed,” said MN-FISH Sportfishing Foundation president Ron Schara. “It also offers anglers a chance to go beyond simply buying a fishing license to improve their own luck.”

The Minnesota Walleye Stamp endorsement is available year-round from the DNR website and outlets across the state that sell Minnesota fishing licenses. Ordering one when you purchase your fishing license is easy, too.

When you add the $5 walleye validation to your fishing license, those dollars flow into a dedicated account for walleye stocking. For $0.75 more, the DNR will mail you the actual walleye stamp as a collector’s item.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources stocks walleye in about 1,000 lakes that cover roughly 1 million acres. Your purchase of a walleye stamp supports the purchase of fish from certified private providers.

Minnesota is blessed with about 2 million acres of walleye water, of which about one-half have strong self-sustaining walleye populations. Stocking improves fishing in walleye waters where natural reproduction occurs at only low or moderate levels.