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1. Stat of the Day
FLW Pro Circuit by State
2. Money Matters
PRESENTED BY: Big Bite Baits
3. Behind the Scenes
7 Most Common Fishing Injuries
Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a novice angler, injuries while fishing have likely been a part of your experience. While recreational fishing is by no means one of the most dangerous sports you can be involved in, accidents can and will happen. Check out what made the list in this Wide Open Spaces article outlining the 7 most common fishing injuries.
4. Anglers Tribune
Faircloth Stepping Up Content And Social Media
In today’s age of digital marketing how are you working as a pro angler to build your profiles on social media? “Social media has become incredibly important in the outdoor arena, so I am definitely trying my best to reach every age group of my fans. Some of them prefer Instagram and some prefer Facebook, so I am targeting those two platforms specifically. I want to post content that is high-quality and engaging, but yet is still true to who I am.”
A number of anglers are filming more and more, what role do you see video playing in your branding and sponsor partners? “Video is definitely a big part of my social media plan. I see my brand more as an instructional brand, and less of an entertainment brand, so I am focusing on making content that helps people catch more fish. Sponsors already desire to retain those types of viewers, so it’s my job to keep them around and excited about the sport.”
How are you getting ready for the 2020 season? “I’ve been around this sport long enough that I have my routines and schedules. So, I’m just doing what I always do. I am spending time with family, rigging the Skeeter for the season, making sure I have all my rods, reels, tackle and apparel organized and ready to go. I am just excited to continue representing some of the best companies out there. They allow me to live this life as a pro angler and I am incredibly grateful!
5. Baits Not Being Talked About
As detailed as it is brilliant, the Coolbaits Lure Company “The Down Under” delivers flash and lifelike attraction all-in-one bass-catching package. Designed with textured gill plates and 3-D eyes, the Coolbaits Lure Company “The Down Under” features a ball-bearing swivel molded underneath the chin, which connects a shimmering willow blade. Available in 6 sizes and 14 different colors.
6. What We’re Watching & Listening To
TacticalBassin’s Top 10 Baits Of 2019
In 2019 TacticalBassin fished more than 25 states and 3 countries. They had the opportunity to test lures against bass in every situation imaginable! During their travels a handful of baits stood out from the rest. These lures were the true “best of the best”. They caught numbers of quality fish everywhere they went but they also caught the BIG bass we all dream of catching. Check out the video here.
7. Jersey Watch
Jimmy Houston
Jimmy Houston is not registered for the 2020 FLW Pro Circuit bringing an end to his successful Tour Level tournament career. Houston was also an early pioneer in fishing television with a nationally airing fishing show for over 40+ years. He won two B.A.S.S Angler of the Year titles and in 1976 and 1986 and in recent years competed on the FLW Tour. He has always boasted a strong sponsor line up with companies like Ranger Boats, Mercury, Bass Pro Shops, Blakemore, Quaker State and Shell Rotella. He also was probably one of the only anglers with a trifecta of boat sponsors including Ranger, Tracker Boats and Jackson Kayaks.
8. Regional Recommendations
Located in Maumee, Ohio Jann’s Netcraft has been serving fisherman since 1941 with a retail store, catalog and website. They feature an extensive assortment of lure making, rod building, fishing tackle, net making, soft plastics and fly tying equipment.
9. Best for Last
College Craw
With two sizes to match up with any jig, the College Craw is a compact jig trailer that has a great swimming action at MSRP of only $2.99. More importantly 4% of all the sales of the College Craw go towards college scholarships. Those scholarships are awarded at the Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship in May. One of the colors, Spicy Purple was even designed by a college angler.
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