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Looking for a new tow vehicle in 2020?




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Biggest Outdoor Brand By State?

In March of 2018 Wide Open Spaces released an article featuring the most recognizable outdoor brands in each U.S. state. Some of these outdoor brands are headquartered in their respective states, while others have large manufacturing operations there. With several consolidations and acquisitions happening in the industry since that time, an updated map might look considerably different in 2020.




4. Anglers Tribune


Lawyer Hopes To Maintain Momentum In 2020

Photo Courtesy FLW



Chances are if you have followed the sport of professional bass fishing over the past few years you’ve heard the name Jeremy Lawyer. Lawyer, who has been fishing professionally for the past 3 seasons has quickly made his mark. Winning the 2016 BFL All American on Lake Barkley helped launched Lawyer’s career, and since then he has not looked back. Following his success in 2016, Lawyer was able to back it up with a COSTA Series win on Lake Of The Ozarks in 2018, and secured his first FLW tour level victory this year at Grand Lake. “The win on Grand Lake was special for so many reasons, but most importantly I was able to do it in front of my friends and family on what I consider my home lake,” says Lawyer. In 2020 Lawyer will be fishing the newly formed FLW Pro Circuit, and is looking forward to the new challenges that come with it. “There have been a lot of changes during the off season but I am looking forward to the 2020 season. With some of the roster shake ups on the FLW side I think it has really opened up a great opportunity for some new guys to step up and make a big splash. Hopefully I can be one of those anglers that can take advantage of the new situation and make the most of it.” said Lawyer.



5. Baits Not Being Talked About




The RkCrawler 50 is a smaller profile version of the popular RkCrawer 55. This crankbait has the same great wobbling hunting action as the original RkCrawler 55, in a bite sized profile. As the water temperatures continue to cool down across the country this is a bait you will certainly want to have in your arsenal. Check them out here.




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Hallman Stalks Monster Crappie


Brad Hallman switched it up a bit recently and hit the water in search of monster Crappie. Check out this latest video where he utilizes Garmin Livescope Panoptix to catch multiple Crappie over 2 pounds here.



7. Jersey Watch





National Pro Staff 

National Pro Staff offers a service to help anglers learn new techniques, network with other anglers, find new sponsors and purchase gear. See all their services here.

Photo courtesy of National Pro Staff



8. Regional Recommendations



Christopherson Bait Shop of Alexandria, MN offers the most complete selection of live bait and tackle in the area. They have been serving the fishermen of Alexandria for over 70 years. Their courteous staff is ready to assist you with all your fishing needs. Stop by and check out this great store if you are in the area.



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Rojas’s Off Season Ritual

Every off season Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour professional Dean Rojas spends countless hours organizing and preparing for the new year. One of Rojas’s off season rituals is changing the Gamakatsu USA treble hooks on his SPRO crankbaits. While this may seem like an intangible and possibly unnecessary undertaking for some anglers, Rojas has valid reasons for the task. “When every bite is so important you have to do everything you can to control the variables. Changing out the treble hooks on my baits prior to the season lets me accomplish several things,” says Rojas. While the obvious reasoning for replacing your hooks would be to have the freshest, sharpest hooks possible, Rojas’s thought process takes it a few steps further. “Going through all of my baits and changing the hooks lets me check the integrity of each and every bait, and the hardware on the bait. I can’t count the number of times that I may have noticed a slight crack in a bill from extensive use, or a bent split ring. All these things can mean the difference between landing fish or not when the money is on the line.” Rojas continued. Being familiar with your tackle and having everything game ready is something Rojas believes is of the utmost importance. “I have to be able to reach into a box and pull out a bait during competition that I know is at 100%. You can’t afford to waste time during a tournament day changing hooks or hardware on a bait. Put in your time during the off seasons prepping your tackle and I promise you it will pay off.” Rojas concluded.




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