Did you know one teaspoon of Mercury can contaminate a 20-acre lake forever? Mercury is used in certain light bulbs, thermometers, and electronics and if these items are not recycled properly, it can leech into the environment, polluting lakes, rivers and groundwater. Wildlife Forever and Green Lights Recycling have partnered together to protect Americas’ vital water sources from mercury and heavy metal contamination by promoting the Recycle & Restore mail-in program.

Since 1995, Green Lights Recycling has kept 98.5 million pounds of waste out of landfills and away from lakes and streams. As a national leader in recycling, Green Lights specializes in lights, batteries, computer hard drives and much more. The Recycle & Restore mail-in program makes recycling easy, and most importantly, safe for the environment. Simply fill your Recycle & Restore kit with the items you wish to recycle, when the box is full it will be returned to Green Lights Recycling. Mail-in recycling kits take the guess work out of recycling and ensure professional handling of sensitive materials.

As Green Light Recycling’s national conservation partner, Wildlife Forever proudly endorses the Recycle & Restore as an important conservation program. “We are proud to be partnering with Green Lights Recycling. As an award-winning recycler, their work has, and will continue to, ensure clean and safe drinking water for future generations,” said Pat Conzemius, President and CEO of Wildlife Forever.

“Proper recycling plays a critical role as communities grow and technology advances. I am honored to do our part in working with Wildlife Forever to ensure tomorrow’s generation has a healthy environment,” said John Crudo, President of Green Lights Recycling.

Participate in this program by visiting www.glrnow.com/store Join us to protect our waters from mercury and heavy metal contamination. Your support will help educate America’s youth, and build stewardship in the next generation.

About Green Lights Recycling (GLR): Based in Minnesota, GLR adheres to the highest regulatory standards in the nation providing recycling services throughout the continental United States. We recycle lights, electronics, mercury waste, batteries, computers and more. Contact us to find out how we can help you reach your recycling goals.  Visit www.GLRNow.com.

Wildlife Forever: Wildlife Forever’s mission is to conserve America’s wildlife heritage through conservation education, preservation of habitat and management of fish and wildlife. The Clean Drain Dry Initiative™ is the national campaign to educate outdoor recreational users on how to prevent the spread of invasive species. Strategic communications, marketing, outreach and educational services provide access to consistent messaging, and resources for local communities to implementing prevention programs.  To join Wildlife Forever and learn more about the award-winning programs, including work to engage America’s youth, visit www.WildlifeForever.org.