With modern boats featuring more electronics than ever before, the X2Power line from Batteries Plus is built to enhance the on-the-water experience for anglers and boaters.

From electric start motors to sophisticated sonar equipment, today’s anglers are as wired as ever. Whether they fish for fun or for a living, X2Power offers a premium power option for anglers and boaters who require a battery to hold up to a full day of fishing and still have enough left to crank the motor after the last cast. 

X2Power Marine batteries are part of a line of premium power options that includes AGM batteries for cars/light trucks and emergency vehicles, as well as lithium batteries for powersports applications. X2Power marine batteries feature a pure-lead, dual-purpose design, which gives them both the high cranking power to start modern boat motors as well as the cycling capabilities necessary to run trolling motors, depth finders, side-imaging, radios, radar, lights, pumps, coolers and more. Backed by a 4-year free replacement warranty and available at more than 700 Batteries Plus locations nationwide, X2Power’s AGM batteries are built to provide years of worry-free use.

“We’re proud to deliver a premium marine battery that powers professional anglers and weekend warriors alike wherever and whenever they take to the water,” Batteries Plus Vice President of Product Management Danyelle Kukuk. “The best-in-class design of the X2Power means boaters and anglers are getting a pure lead power source with zero maintenance requirements to power their next day on the water and the hundreds of on-the-water days to come.”

Proudly made in the USA, X2Power Marine batteries are capable of more than 400 cycles at an 80 percent discharge and more than 900 cycles at 50 percent discharge. Combined with the non-spillable and maintenance-free benefits of AGM technology, as well as a high vibration tolerance and quick recharge capability, the X2Power Marine batteries represent the premium power option for modern fishing and water sports vessels.

The new look X2Power Marine batteries are arriving in Batteries Plus retailers nationwide in late February, ready for the start of fishing season.

About Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus delivers battery, specialty lightbulbs and phone-repair solutions through more than 700 retail locations nationwide. Serving direct-to-consumer and commercial markets, Batteries Plus is committed to offering its customers an unparalleled variety of in-stock products and industry-leading customer service. Batteries Plus also offers premium AGM and lithium power solutions through its X2Power line, available only through Batteries Plus retail locations and batteriesplus.com. For additional information about the company, please visit www.batteriesplus.com.