X2Power, the premium power source for the marine, car/light truck and motorsports markets, announces its partnership with AIM Walleye, whose mission is advancing competitive walleye fishing and making it sustainable for the future.

“Being a Midwestern-based company, we are well acquainted with the legions of loyal anglers and boaters in this part of the world and we sought out opportunities to be aligned with the top organizations serving those anglers—anglers who stand to benefit most from a premium power source like X2Power batteries,” said X2Power Vice President of Category Management Shawn Budiac. “AIM Walleye’s catch-record-release tournament format is indicative of the organization’s commitment to investing in the future of fishing, something that aligns very well with our values as a company.”

Said Denny Fox, AIM national tournament director: “If you’ve ever had a battery failure, you know the feeling, and it’s not a good one. Having premium batteries for starting, trolling and electronics is the solution to both keep you on the water and get you off safely, and it’s why we have partnered with X2Power by Batteries Plus to be AIM’s official battery. X2Power batteries are all about keeping anglers and their families on the water. The last thing you want to worry about is that crucial component of your boat.”

Proudly made in the USA, X2Power Marine batteries are part of a line of premium power options that includes AGM batteries for cars/light trucks and emergency vehicles, as well as lithium batteries for powersports applications. X2Power marine batteries feature a pure-lead, dual-purpose design, which gives them both the high cranking power to start modern boat motors as well as the cycling capabilities necessary to run trolling motors, depth finders, side-imaging, radios, radar, lights, pumps, coolers and more. Backed by a 4-year, free-replacement warranty and available at more than 700 Batteries Plus Bulbs locations nationwide, X2Power’s AGM batteries are built to provide years of worry-free use for anglers and boaters.