NPAA member Tim Pizzi #891 and with the help of UW-Stout Fishing Club representatives Dawson Wellman and Will Reichert, Fishing friend Jon Johansen, and Cousin Brenda Boe.

Local DNR Warden Jeremy Redeman and his helper attended to discuss rules, regulations, releasing fish and harvest rules.

Tim presented his Fishing Basics seminar. Focusing on safety, fishing equipment and how to use it, a review of types of lures for Walleye and Bass along with what the lures do and how to use them, knots, fish identification, the kids got to handle worms, night crawlers and minnows, the AIS message of ‘Clean Drain Dry’ was discussed.

19 youths attended, and approximately 15 adults. Great attendance for an event not associated with another activity. From as far away as Ladysmith, Eau Caire, Clear Lake, and Somerset. The Audience was very interactive and helped keep the event interesting and entertaining.

A big thank you to the Menomonie Public Library for hosting the event.

The agenda:

Agenda: Sunday April 13, 2019

1:00 PM  – 1:30 Registration

1:30 PM – 4:30  PM Indoor Clinic / Seminar at Menomonie Public Library meeting room

  • SAFETY FIRST PFD’s, Sunglasses were provided for eye safety, the use of clippers or scissors, not teeth to cut line was reinforced and weather were covered topics.
  • Knot tying, practiced tying Palomar, Snell and improved clinch knots.
  • Invasive Species Clean drain and dry, and a general discussion of invasive species were covered.
  • Fish Identification we used the WI DNR cards to explain different species found in the local lakes.
  • Lure types / A board containing many Walleyes lures and rigs and the UW Stout Fishing Club member explained Bass lures and types and how to use them.
  • Live bait and rigging, Night crawlers and various minnows were provided and handled by the youths.  Most of the youths enjoyed handling the live bait.
  • Fish handling was discussed and fish with teeth and without teeth were shown.
  • The Clinic went very well, the audience was kept entertained and interactive.

Prizes were drawn and the rod and reel combos were distributed.


4 $25 Gift Cards from Scheels

$25 Walmart gift card

A guided fishing trip to a youth with a parent accompanying the youth was donated by Tim Pizzi.

3 Lures packs and shirts from Vexan Rods / Tackle Industries.

12 Mercury visors and 12 Mercury Towels were provided by Mercury Marine

24 Tracker Marine Hats provided by Tracker Marine boat center Rice Lake

Cinch Bags and Tracker Hats from Tracker Marine in Rice Lake.

25 Lures From Fin-Wing

Future Pro T-shirts from the NPAA were distributed.

Berkley Fishing Journals

20 Portable Picnic type blankets were provided by Loparex LLC

Sun Glasses provided by PZ Tackle and Fishing Adventures

Invasive Species Flyers

21 Zebco Rods and Reels Donated by the NPAA were given away to the youths attending.

Bait on Broadway in Menomonie provided bait.